All humans have two types of mind, a conscious and an unconscious mind.
A conscious and an unconscious mind depends on the words he thinks. A conscious mind always thinks positive words and an unconscious mind always think negative words. Blessed for to give pleasure to winter heat and sorrow. Your mind hears every word you speak and sets out to prove you right. There are two areas where we have to check the importance of words.

  1. RELATION:- Positive words encourage cognitive brain function, while negative words activate our fight-or-flight response, which slows down cognitive function. Positive words build resilience and calm the body. Negative words generate fear. Our internal narrative also affects how we communicate with others which in turn influences how those around us feel about their lives and future. If you think about negative words your mind will see to it that you attract only persons who will disappoint you. Stop repeating the negative statements.

2.FINANCES:- If you think negatively about money. As I don’t have money. If you repeat this word, again and again, you will go away from wealth collection. But the physical condition can change only after your beliefs have altered.

Here you see, When negative words come into someone’s unconscious mind, this part of them encompasses their “negative” feelings and the parts of themselves that they perceive as being bad, among other things. By keeping these aspects in this part of their existence, their conscious mind would rarely, if ever, come into contact with them.

It is not a law of attraction; This is the law of resonance, which is a quantum physics law. Therefore, one can have all the right thoughts and feelings in his conscious mind but if his unconscious mind is full of junk, then they cannot get very far.

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